Something to Consider this Holiday Season

As we prepare for this festive and exciting Holiday season I can’t help but reflect and consider our kids this time of year.  The Holidays are full of fun and exciting parties, presents, lights, décor, music, a house full of people, and lots and lots of noise!  These gatherings are full of festive feelings and bringContinue reading “Something to Consider this Holiday Season”

Answering questions about Eyelashes!

A TON of questions and comments lately about my eyelashes! I was a bit hesitant to share because I believe anything we put close to our eyes should be considered carefully and STILL everyone’s experience will be different. But, I am also here to share so, here is what I have been doing. ** importantContinue reading “Answering questions about Eyelashes!”

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…

If you give a Mouse a Cookie… A Mom during nap time edition: My toddler is sweetly sleeping in his crib, I start walking downstairs and I think “gosh I’m hungry- time for some lunch.” I walk into the kitchen to make myself something to eat when I realize I never cleaned the dishes from breakfast…Continue reading “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…”