About Me

Hi! Thanks for popping by to visit my little blog. My name is Elizabeth! Many will be bothered to know that I do not go by a nickname- I hate Liz, although everyone, everywhere will call me that. I am NOT a Lizzy or a Beth or Betsy or any of the other nicknames you can come up with, I am just Elizabeth. (or on social media – MamaHouli)

I am originally from Buffalo, NY – the home of the Buffalo Bills, the Sabres, chicken wings, and commonly referred to as the city of Good Neighbors! I loved growing up in Buffalo and the majority of my family still live there, so we get to visit a lot!

I moved to New York City at 18 for college and then moved back to Buffalo for a few years after college. I moved back to the NYC area to Astoria, Queens when I met my now husband. We have since relocated out to Long Island where we live today. NYC is the greatest city in the world (super-biased opinion) and I dream of convincing my husband to retire back there one day!

We welcomed our first baby, our son, Patrick Thomas Houlihan, into the world on May 21st, 2018. Patrick was born with a cleft lip and palate. This information changed the course of the last 2 years of our lives. It also changed me! Our son is perfect in every way he should be, and I could not love him more if I tried. I have been so grateful to have found a huge cleft community online and I hope to be that for other moms as well. The journey is not always easy, but our babies are so dang STRONG!

We spend a lot of time over here on Long Island doing renovations to our home. (If you didn’t know – Long Island is a very expensive place to live!) We bought the worst house in the nicest neighborhood we could and we’re having fun making it our own!

I also consume myself daily in the average mom life that is having a wild toddler. I absolutely love being a mom! BUT, I also think it’s time as a community we stand up and be a little more honest about motherhood. It is NOT all special and wonderful and that is okay because it is so so worth it!

Quotes that make me laugh

“My talent is not sleeping at night…”


“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”

-John Steinbeck

“I’m a loving mother who happens to say “fuck” a lot”


Let’s build something together.

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