Baby Wearing

With my son only just turning two years old, there aren’t many things we needed to buy new for this little one. But, one product I knew I wanted new for this baby was a way to baby wear.

When Patrick was a baby I held him ALL day. I love the newborn phase and I cherished every moment of him in my arms – even now! I can’t picture wanting to do that differently with this new baby. I also have a very active toddler so I know I’m going to need some help making that work. I didn’t love my first experience with baby wearing for a few reasons so I started thinking about how I could do it differently or more comfortably this time around and I came up with my “wish list”.

1. I want something soft and lightweight. I don’t want the carrier itself to add much in weight or bulk to me.

2. I need to be able to get baby in the carrier by myself without an extra set of hands.

3. I don’t want to have to watch a million you tube videos on how to use it. The carrier has to be pretty straight forward and simple.

Pretty quickly I came to realize that what I wanted to use a baby sling! But what brand? Because quality seemed like an important aspect of this particular product.

I came across the brand Hope and Plum on my search and I became immediately impressed by the obvious quality and care that is put into selecting the fabrics and making each sling. But also and maybe more importantly to me – I was so impressed by the company’s owners.

The company is owned by two women- moms- who met and became friends while supporting each other through their struggles to conceive. They come from different backgrounds and had different plans for a journey of motherhood. But they supported one another and their individual goals. These women- Mallory and Skye- they embody what it means when we say “women supporting women”. I knew immediately that’s a brand I want to be a part of!

I am so grateful that they gifted me this gorgeous Seagrass sling. I can’t wait to fill it with our new baby!

You can shop their new Spring collection on their website:

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