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A little message from me…

I started this blog about a year a half ago in order to share more about our experiences through Patrick’s cleft journey. Writing about some of those emotions was an almost therapeutic process for me. Until that point I had spent my days completely engrossed in the care and needs of our baby son. We went to doctor’s appointments multiple times a week. We cried together while I tried to feed him, we survived many sleepless nights, and an extremely difficult surgery and recovery. 

My life had become consumed by his needs. And I was grateful to be the one to take care of every one of those needs. But it was also hard. Being a mom is hard. It can feel isolating, and lonely, and scary. I had moments where I would look in the mirror and wonder who the person was looking back at me.

Lack of sleep, and stress, had meant that most of the things that I had identified as part of me had fallen into the background… This blog, this writing, it began as a creative outlet for me. It meant I spent some time each week connecting with a way to be creative- something critical to who I am.

As our journey has evolved so has the content I have been motivated to share. I have connected with so many incredible women and mamas out there. Some who are also walking a journey with cleft, but also many who, like myself, are just trying to find themselves again inside of their journey of motherhood. 

I believe that the most important thing I have learned in my time as “mama” is that we must make time to connect with the things that make us “us” before our kids. The old saying goes “put your oxygen mask on first”. 

For me, those things include fashion, and beauty, home décor, and writing. And I am so incredibly grateful for every single one of you who have continued to follow with me on this journey. My commitment to you, as we keep moving forward, is to keep bringing you ideas, inspiration, and love. 

I hope you can come to my page and see another mom doing her best to make it work. That you might be able to be inspired to try an outfit or look you wouldn’t have before. That you might be motivated to try a new lipstick outside of your comfort zone. 

I aim to share with you when great brands have sales, or new products worth trying. I aim to share with you what kid and baby products I love, and what is working for us. These are all of the things I love, and I hope can be helpful to all of my mama friends. 

I also come to you today to make a commitment. To always be honest and forthright with you. I will never represent a brand or product I do not truly stand behind. In this space there has become an overwhelming number of people willing to take a dollar to talk about products they don’t actually care for; products they would never spend their own money on. I write to you in part today, as a promise to never talk about a product or brand that I do not truly believe in.  That I would not spend my family’s hard earned money on. 

My final commitment to you when you come to my Instagram page, or my blog, is to never pretend to be an expert. I am just another mom trying her best. I have learned so much from all of you, and I hope to continue to create a community space where women can come to feel good and inspired. Never less than. Never incapable. Never alone. 

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