Favorite Dresses that work for the bump…

This dress is so soft, could be worn casual or very dressy without sacrificing any comfort- you can not beat this price at $28! I went up one size to accommodate the bump!

This dress is too good. I wore it last week and got tons of messages about where it’s from! For $14 you honestly cannot beat it. If your tall and accommodating a bump I would consider going up 2 sizes, but if you’re short like me – 1 size up was good! If you’re not rocking a bump get your usual size!

Absolutely cannot say enough about this last dress! – If you saw on my instagram it’s so flattering, super soft, versatile AND affordable at $23.99. Check out all the different styles, and colors they have available. I honestly am buying more colors as we speak!


Published by mamahouli

I'm a new mom of a beautiful baby boy, living in Long Island, NY. I was sure before I became pregnant that I knew exactly what this "mom life" would be like. I knew nothing. I'm ready to get real about what it's like being a mom, having a child born with a cleft lip and palate, and just trying to figure it all out.

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