If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…


If you give a Mouse a Cookie… A Mom during nap time edition:

My toddler is sweetly sleeping in his crib, I start walking downstairs and I think “gosh I’m hungry- time for some lunch.” I walk into the kitchen to make myself something to eat when I realize I never cleaned the dishes from breakfast…

That’s okay, I’ll do that quick before I eat, when I realize the strainer is full of last night’s dinner dishes so first I dry and put those away.

When I am done drying the dishes I realize the dish towel really needs to go in the wash so I walk into the laundry room where I remember I had started a load this morning, and still have to flip it to the dryer.

In the dryer I find the towels I forgot to fold last night, so I take those out to fold, and then flip the laundry over. While I am folding the towels I remember that I forgot to put my son’s nap blanket in the wash for school tomorrow so when I am done folding the towels I put them away and start gathering laundry for a full load.

Along the way, I realize I haven’t made the beds yet today and that the bathroom needs some straightening up. That will only take a moment I think.

After a quick straightening I am back to  gathering laundry when I trip on a toy at the bottom of the stairs. I remember that I hadn’t cleaned up the toys in the family room yet.  After putting the laundry in the wash I start toward the family room, gathering toys all the way there.

I get to putting all the toys away when I find a pile of lost cheerios, a few of which are smashed. I pull out the vacuum to clean up the area when I decide to finish off the whole room.

I put the vacuum away and next to the pantry I remember I still haven’t had lunch yet.

I go in to gather some things for my lunch when I remember I never finished washing the breakfast dishes. I open the dishwasher to load when I remember we ran it last night before bed. I unload the dishwasher, and then re-load it up.

Now it’s time for lunch I think… and then I hear it… Patrick is up!

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  1. Oh how I remember those days!! And to be honest, it still happens. One thing leads to another! But housework is always there, the time spent with your baby goes way too fast. Enjoy it. Sit down and have lunch😘

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