A Mom You Should Know…

I had the incredible privilege of connecting with a super star mom recently and I am overwhelmed with the need to share her story, and the beautiful shop she has created in the midst of this chaotic, and beautiful life.

Kristen is a military wife of 20+ years and a mom of 3. I have a soft spot for military families. My sister had her 2 babies during their time as a military family and experiencing first-hand the strength, faith, and love needed to fill that role will always overwhelm me.

Kristen and her beautiful family

If you also know anyone who has lived through military life, I probably need not say any more. You raise your little ones with the extra chore of perpetually starting over. Kristen and her family have lived in at least 7 different cities. 7 major moves, 7 homes, 7 moving trucks, 7 groups of friends, activities, and area customs. 7 Brand New Beginnings. All while, I remind you, your husband is consistently away for weeks and months at a time.

In 2002, while her husband was deployed, Kristen went in for her 20 week ultrasound where she learned that their son would be born with a cleft lip and palate. She recalled during our conversation, having to make that call to her husband overseas. “Something is wrong with the baby…” Having experienced that same news myself, I can only imagine the fear on both ends of the phone 17 years ago. But Kristen remains grateful for the time where they could prepare before their son was born. “It was devastating, but we were prepared..”

During 7 brand new beginnings for this family, they had the added responsibility of also starting over with a new medical team. Their son received 6 major surgeries and 7 sets of ear tubes in the past 17 years. Imagine for a minute, the trust and care needed to hand your baby, toddler, and teenager over to a surgeon. Then imagine starting fresh so many times.

The reality of this fact really hits me, it takes courage, strength, and understanding. It means you need to know more, and understand more, so that you can have the faith to keep starting over. Again, in talking with Kristen she shares the struggle, and brings back this incredible strength “We have been able to use some pretty great doctors. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Like many moms Kristen looked for a creative outlet. Something that she could do and enjoy for herself! She began to embroider things around the house; “I would monogram or personalize anything that wasn’t nailed down!” She has expanded her passion to vinyl work, and in 2012 she began an Etsy shop.

“out of my way! I get my complete palate today!”

Her family is preparing for a military retirement and Kristen plans to use this last New Beginning as a true New Beginning for herself and her passions.

I am lucky enough to have a few shirts Kristen made for us, an adorable onesie for Patrick and t-shirts for Shaun and I.

Getting an 8 month old to take group pictures….

img_0216 (1)

1 in 700 babies are born with cleft world wide.


For all things embroidery and vinyl check out her adorable Etsy shop: Sew Vinyled.


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